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Push The Envelope was born in 1995. PUSH was started by Reba Plummer (owner/operator) and Pete Gray (mechanic plus) of The Bike Ranch, a small bicycle shop that catered to couriers and commuters. Both Pete and Reba had done their time on the streets of Toronto as bicycle messengers and realized that there was a need for quality life-simplifying bags for cyclists. Pete designed and produced PUSHıs products for the first two years. He also created the logo, website and brochure for PUSH.

In 1997 Patrick Taylor (another ex-courier) became PUSHıs seamster. He designed, produced and sold Push The Envelopeıs line for 2 years.

In 1999 Reba closed The Bike Ranch and moved PUSH to a small manufacturing facility. This allowed Reba time to concentrate on Push The Envelope product development and marketing.

The introduction of Hanne Whitfield, a graduate of The International Academy of Design, as seamster in 2001 has made it possible for PUSH to expand the line. Now Push The Envelope has a fashion line as well as our original courier and commuter bags.

  • Some kind words from our happy customers...

The bag is really nice- it's just the size I want, it's really well made, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. Thanks again.

    • Jim Springer, Displaced Canadian

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I literally use the bag almost everyday and when I don't (which is very, very rare), well it just doesn't feel natural. I have rode and used that bag in pouring rain, snow, especially very cold temps (-18 to 20 degrees below F.), oh yes lots of road salt, just name it and it keeps the contents in great shape! I am very proud to have that large Maple Leaf on the bag!

I know especially with the younger crowd that the bag tends to turn alot of heads and people in the area knows that this is my trade mark when I ride. I use the bag to haul things to work, run errands into town and back, it's Great!!! Please if you ever think of stop making the bags (which I hope is a long way off), just make sure to notify me because I would definitely want to order another one. In fact I have often thought of what kind of design I would like on another bag. The bag has shown little wear and I do believe that this is one of the best things I have ever purchased!

    • Mark Felber