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urban bags

Our urban bags are the children of our messenger bags. Practical for day to day use, they lack the overkill required by customers who work their bags hard for many thousands of hours. We build them with all the life-simplifying features and comfort that make PUSH bags great. The urban bags shine with featherweight fabrics that stand the test of time, hand-tailored construction, and sleek, thoughtful design.

Musette [XS]
Volume 5.5L (360 cu in)
Opening 9 x 5 in
Depth 8 in

the Musette

This bag is great for zipping around town. It’s big enough to carry snacks, tools, lock and an extra layer. A lightweight, single layer bag with a padded 3-point strap.
Express [S]
Volume 10L (660 cu in)
Opening 10 x 5.5 in
Depth 12 in

the Express

For the compact commuter, day-tripper or student. Low profile allows for easy maneuvering .

Transit [M]
Volume 13L (850 cu in)
Opening 13 x 6 in
Depth 11 in

the Transit

Commuters pick. This bag will fit everything needed for a busy life: work, tools, lock, lunch, gym outfit, groceries, a couple of movies and a bottle of wine.